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The Psychology of Color

Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. - Oscar Wilde

If used effectively color theory is one of the most powerful tools a designer can wield. Colors are a form of non verbal communication that can speak volumes in a fraction of a second. They can instantly set a mood, convey an emotion, invoke a physiological reaction or inspire people to take action. When we harness the right color emotion to help tell a client's story it can have a powerful effect. Below is a list of MS colors and their associated moods.

the psycology of color

Source: https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/18hz1m9r19wu4jpg.jpg

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Stupid things to annoy a graphic designer

stupid things to say to a designer 1

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2014 Logo Redesigns

2014 was a busy year for logo redesigns, but who actually improved on their old marks?

PM Digital put together the infographic below showing 11 major logo revamps from 2014. For each one, PM says whether it loved the new design, liked it, or would have preferred the old one be left alone. There are some oddities here: PM likes the new Olive Garden logo, which was widely panned, and doesn't like the new Netflix logo, which we felt was a nice evolution.

What did you think of each redesign?

Below the chart, check out some analysis from Roy DeYoung, svp of creative strategy at PM Digital, about each mark.


2014 logo redesign infographic


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How color affects consumer perceptions

From beverages to consumer electronics, marketers are using color in innovative ways. Despite this, little academic research has investigated the role that color plays in marketing.

This paper examines how color affects consumer perceptions through a series of four studies as shown in the infographic below. The authors provide a framework and empirical evidence that draws on research in aesthetics, color psychology, and associative learning to map hues onto brand personality dimensions (Study 1), as well as examine the roles of saturation and value for amplifying brand personality traits (Study 2).

The authors also demonstrate how marketers can strategically use color to alter brand personality and purchase intent (Study 3), and how color influences the likability and familiarity of a brand (Study 4). The results underscore the importance of recognizing the impact of color in forming consumer brand perceptions.

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