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What Is Included in Assisted Service Plan for my Virtual Private Server?

Last Updated: September 22, 2012 2:42 PM Assisted Service Plan covers the following categories of Virtual Private Server (VPS) functionality: Set up
Set up includes initial server configuration, including operating system and control panel installation. Custom system administrative work can be requested at an hourly rate. Advanced server support is available at no charge. Monitoring
Monitoring of the system includes the server, network, and any services that reside on the server, including databases, Apache, and IIS. This is accomplished through ping monitors for server and network uptime, and HTTP monitors for website uptime. Backup and recovery
Managed backup plans are not included with the Assisted Server plan. Also, custom backup scripts can be created at an hourly rate. Security scans
Security scanning occurs monthly. Each scan produces a report that is viewed by hosting support. A list of corrective actions, if necessary, is compiled and forwarded to you. Anti-virus scanning is also performed on Windows servers, only. Patching
Official operating system patches, updates, and bug fixes are applied each Wednesday, starting at 11:00PM MST. If the likelihood of exploitation is high, a patch is applied immediately.