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Membership System for Businesses or Nonprofits


  1. Subscription management: You can create and manage (list, edit, delete, update, publish, unpublish) subscription plans from administration area of your site. For each subscription plan, you can specify price (how much users have to pay to sign up), subscription length (how long the membership is active if users sign up for this plan) of that plan.
  2. Recurring subscription: Allows you to create recurring subscription plan (for example, Weekly or Monthly or Yearly recurring subscription). When the subscription of one subscriber is expired, it will be renewed automatically. At the moment, only PayPal and Authorize.net are supported.
  3. Membership sign-up: When users visit your website, they will see list of subscription plans, choose a plan they want, sign up and process payment (via online payment gateways such as PayPal, Authorize.net, and even offline payments such as checks/money orders). After payment is completed, they will have an active membership of that subscription plan. You can even set up access to restricted resources (such as what can be found in online newspapers or magazines) which you can setup for each subscription plan.
  4. Subscribers management: From the administration area of your site, you can see list of subscribers, filter subscribers by status (Pending, Active, Expired, Cancelled), delete subscribers, create a new subscription for an existing user, edit/delete a subscriber.....
  5. Flexible membership renew options: When a member has an active membership, he/she can renew his membership to extend their membership active time. The extension is designed so that the renewal option is very flexible. The member can renew his membership in the number of days he/she wants. For example, if you setup a subscription plan with subscription length of 60 days and price is $60, you can define different renew options as below:
    1. Renew 10 days, price $12.
    2. Renew 20 days, price $20.
    3. Renew 30 days, price $28... and so on.

    You can even setup any number of renew options to meet the need of your system (as you can see, our systems are very flexible as compared to other systems).

  6. Flexible upgrade options: You can setup the system so that when a user has an active membership of a subscription plan, he/she can upgrade their membership to a different subscription plan if his membership meets the criteria you setup in Upgrade Rule (of course, they will need to pay a fee to upgrade his membership). For example, you can setup the system so that subscribers of 6 Months Membership can pay $30 to upgrade his membership to 12 Months Membership.
  7. Auto Reminder feature: You can setup the system so that it will send notification email to subscribers x-days before their membership expired so that they will know and process renew their membership.
  8. Flexible and powerful custom fields feature: Allows you to add/remove/change ordering of any fields on subscription form. The system support different types of custom fields like textbox, textarea, checkbox list, radio list, dropdown and more to come in the future.
  9. Coupon code feature: allows you to create coupon codes from administration area of the system and send these coupon codes to your customers so that they can get a discount while subscribing for your subscription plans. Coupon code can give discount by amount or by percent of total subscription cost. It can be used for one plan or for all subscription plans.
  10. Built-in invoice support: Allows you to configure the system so that when someone subscribe for a subscription plan, a PDF Invoice will be generated. The format (layout) of this invoice can be changed in the confguration of the system. This PDF invoice can be sent to the subscriber's email. Subscribers can also download this PDF invoice in their subscription history page.
  11. Restrict access to resources based on subscription plans: When you create/edit a subscription plan, depend the setup you use, you can do the following settings to restrict access to different resources on your site :
    1. Restrict access to Documents: If you are wish to restrict certain documents on your website, this feature can come in handy. Perhaps you may have a document wherein only certain members can have access to for services you render. A current member would be able to view these documents, however, when their membership expired, their access will be automatically removed and they won't be able to access that documents any longer.
    2. Restrict access to part of your articles: You can restrict access to part of a content in an article to subscribers of certain subscription plans. When a user read an article which has text restricted, they will see a message informing them that they will have to be an active subscribers to see the full text...(the message of course is configurable).
    3. Restrict access to Pages on your site : You can use OS Membership URLs plugin to restrict access to any pages on your website for subscribers. Basically, the plugin allow you to enter specific URLs you want when you create a subscription plan and only subscribers of this subscription plan can access to these urls.
  12. Membership plans content plugin: allows displaying (all plans, plans from a category, certain plans) subscription plans in am article.
  13. Captcha and Tax support .
  14. Subscription history: Subscribers can access the subscription history page to see their subscription history, edit information of any subscription record or process renew / upgrade their subscription.
  15. CSV export feature allows you to export subscribers of a subscription plan (or all plans) into CSV file so that you can view it in programs like Microsft Excel or exchange data with a different systems.
  16. Syncronize data with Joomla Profile plugin : Joomla 2.5, 3.x has a plugin called User Profile which allows collecting more information like address, address2, phone....from users when they register for an account in your system. When users sign up for a subscription plan, not only name, email of that user is updated to his Joomla account profile but also custom fields data like address , address2, phone, website... are also updated as well. 
  17. Import Subscribers from a CSV file: A new feature which allows you to import subscribers from a CSV file. This feature comes in handy if you need to migrate subscribers from another program or system into our membership system.
  18. Multi-payment gateways support: OS Membership supports more than 20 different payment gateways. PayPal, Authorize.net, Eway, and Offline payment plugins come in the download package by default (you don't need to purchase these plugins). Other payment gateways like 2Checkout, Google Checkout…are released as separate plugins and you will need to purchase it if you want to use these extra plugins on your site.
  19. Build-in translation function allows you to edit any language strings in the extension from administration area of your site (don't have to open the language file in text editor and edit manually).
  20. User Registration Integration: Users can enter username and password on subscription form to register for a Joomla account on your site when they subscribe to a subscription plan (you can turn of this feature). When user subscribe to a subscription plan, his account will remain pending until his subscription become active (when he completed Payment or Admin active it manually).
  21. Community Builder and JomSocial Integration :
    1. Auto fill-in registration form with data stored in user profile.
    2. Registration history plugin which allow registrants to see and edit all events which they registered.
  22. Powerful Plugin system allows you to write plugin to OS Membership to extend it's functionalities. For example, as you can see, all the features like Restrict access to Docman Documents, assign Users to Joomla Groups... as mentioned above are all written as OS Membership plugin. So for example, if you want to integrate it with JDownloads extension, you can simply write a plugin for it (very easy).


For advanced users, there are many other configuration options available.

    1. You can create a customized message at the top of your membership form.
    2. You can create a customized message at the top of your confirmation page.
    3. You can create a customized message for your thank you page.
    4. You can create a customized message for members who cancel their membership.
    1. You can create a customized confirmation email subject line.
    2. You can create a customized confirmation email body message.
    3. You can create a customized notification email subject sent to internal staff or volunteers.
    4. You can create a customized notification email body to internal staff or volunteers.
    1. You can choose to show or hide specific fields on your membership form.
    2. You can choose to have specific fields as being required on your membership form.


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