Live Chat for your Website

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live chat software Visitor info

Know your visitor fully--name, e-mail, chat history, results, operating system, browser and language, geographic location, company...

live support software Shortcut messages

ClickDesk allows you to save multiple phrases as shortcuts. These can be used to answer FAQs with a single click, saving you time.

live support Offline support

ClickDesk connects with your email ticketing system when you are offline, allowing your visitors to create tickets instantly. Alternatively, visitors can leave offline messages on your site and you can invite them back when you are online.
live helpdesk softwareTransfer
ClickDesk allows rich three-way conference between your agents and visitors. You can also transfer chats to other agents' mobile or desktop to help close leads or provide stellar support.

hosted live chat for websites SSL-enabled

ClickDesk provides a highly secure communication interface. It prevents any malicious scripts or intrusions through the chat window.

live support for websites Language localization

ClickDesk allows your visitors and operators to chat in any language (Albanian to Vietnamese) and allows both parties to configure messages in their native language straight out of their chat window.

website live chat button Chat transcripts

View real-time chat transcripts on the web and download them in Excel sheet format or have them emailed to you periodically (weekly/monthly) for quality control.

live support on mobile Widget customization

Customize your live chat widget icon, size, color, theme, image, text, and its position (right, left, center, top, bottom) to match your website.